Our philosophy


We are sure that only the customer's success can also lead us to success. This is why we put the needs of our customers at the center. In addition, reliable and cooperative suppliers as well as well-trained and motivated staff are part of the success of a company. Our primary goal is to build long-term and mutually beneficial customer and supplier relationships in order to grow together.


The Hack fertilizer stands for a complete fertilizer range with highest quality and excellent value for money. We are constantly developing new and innovative products which we market in the packaging design associated with the contemporary spirit. The Hack brand fertilizer is sold exclusively to specialist garden retailers.

Quality and service

We are doing our very best to achieve high customer satisfaction both in product quality, as well as in customer service and with timely delivery. Our products are subject to continuous quality control and are constantly evolving. We stay very close to our customers and are always available to listen to their needs and problems.


We are aware of our responsibility towards nature and therefore constantly improve our products in terms of resource conservation. This is also reflected in our new product line "Hack Natural", where we offer organic and biologically valuable products. The increased use of zeolites by which we achieve improved utilization of nutrients is a meaningful contribution to a better environment.The Hack team