2 level boxwood long-term fertilizer

NPK 14+10+14+2% MgO

2 level boxwood long-term fertilizer

Product description

Hack 2 level special fertilizers make possible through modern fertilizer technology a supply of nutrients to plants over a period of 5 months.

The new fertilizer technology enables the sustenance of plants, both immediately and in the long-term with two different fertilizer systems:

1. White grains immediately release their nutrients freely and quickly ensure the provision of all basic nutrients and a visible fertilization success.

2. Blue grains release the nutrient because of the special composition in a slow and controlled manner, they ensuring a uniform sustenance of the plants for up to five months.


  • From March until September

Product details

Packung/Package Körnung/Grain VE EAN
1 kg tub 18 secondary packaging 4031281077074