Vulkagran G ®

Vulkagran G ®

    Product description

    A mineral mixture of volcanic rock and zeolites for filling after aeration, instead of sand. Vulkagran G containing 50% high quality zeolite with a zeolite content of at least 80%.

    Obtainable as 25 kg bag, as Big Bag or in loose goods
    Grain size: 0,5 - 1,0 mm

    Decisive advantages in comparison with sand are:

    • regulates the pH-value
    • stores nutrients, especially NH4
    • stores water
    • simultaneously ensures good ventilation
    • increases the shear strength of the turf
    • does not change its function
    • can be scattered and light
    • particularly suitable for water protection areas
    • antifungal effect

    Product details

    Packung/Package Körnung/Grain VE EAN
    25 kg 0,5-1,0 mm
    Big Bag 0,5-1,0 mm
    loose goods 0,5-1,0 mm
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