"Rasafit Spezial" lawn fertilizer

NPK 10+3+5 +0,5 FE +12% Zeolithe

"Rasafit Spezial" lawn fertilizer

Product description

Organic-mineral turf fertilizer with magnesium, sulfur and zeolites for all lawns for initial and maintenance fertilizer application in spring and summer.

with zeolithe
• to improve the nutrient holding capacity of the soil
• anti-fungal effect
• to increase the water storage capacity

• no unpleasant odors

Granulate 2-4 mm
• optimal spreading possible and almost dust free


  • From March until August
  • 40 g/qm


Packung/Package Körnung/Grain VE EAN
8 kg bag 44 Display 4031281062025
20 kg bag 40 Euro-pallet 4031281061165