"Subtilis Aktiv" lawn fertilizer

NPK 10+4+12 (+zeolithe +bacillus subtilis)

"Subtilis Aktiv" lawn fertilizer

Product description

Organic-mineral turf fertilizer with the addition of bacillus subtilis. These microorganisms are valuable aids for the lawn for the removal of turf fungus and partly also of moss from humus

with zeolithe
• to improve the nutrient holding capacity of the soil
• anti-fungal effect
• to increase the water storage capacity


• no unpleasant odors

Granulate 2-4 mm
• optimal spreading possible and almost dust free


  • From March until August
  • 65 g/qm

Product details

Packung/Package Körnung/Grain VE EAN
8 kg bag 44 Display 4031281062285
20 kg bag 40 Euro-pallet 4031281062292